Adults classes range from gentle Hatha to strong, sweaty Vinyasa sessions interspersed with arm balances and challenging transistions. All classes focus on alignment and involve the use and awareness of our core for stability and back health. 


We make use of props such as blocks, chairs, bolsters, blankets, straps, walls and occasionally each other. By using props, we can support the body so that it may remain in a position for 5-15 minutes. In this time, the body finds stillness and learns to surrender and slowly, with practice, the mind begins to follow. It isn't always easy to still the mind, or to rest our physical body, but when we can, we experience deep shifts on many levels.

​Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is a very precious time in our lives because not only are we changing every day, but we are creating an environment in which we are to love and nourish our little one. It is important to work with the changing body and prepare the mind for labour. Learn to breathe, connect and trust in these classes. And you might even find yourself wanting a challenge physically, or falling asleep peacefully.

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