Music during Yoga (and Jason Crandell)

January 8, 2017



Happy to be called a dinosaur if it means I get to hang out with this rad bendy friend!


I too, have (sort of) tried to play music in my yoga classes.... occassionally in restorative style yoga sessions it works for me, but other than that, it just isn't my thing.


I choose to lead a fairly quiet life, at least that of which I have control over, and yoga has been a big influence of that. I like peace and quiet. I like chaos too, don't get me wrong. I love loud music, and laughter AND moving my body in time with a sweet beat. And I have done that. I call it gymnastics and dancing.


But yoga is something different. Yoga requires you to show up on a level deeper than the physical. It asks that you tune in to the beating of your own heart, to the rythym of your own internal system. It allows you the stillness to listen to the internal dialogue...the chitter chatter monkey mind, the creative genius that resides within you...and it is on the mat that we learn to silence that monkey. 

We learn how to tame it. 

To shoosh it when it gets judgmental or critical.

We soften both physically AND mentally AND.... wait for it...emotionally. 

In the same way, we get stronger - physically, mentally AND emotionally. More flexible too....meaning we are not only more malleable to situations physically, but more open to things (opinions, plans, opportunities, experiences, adventures...etc) mentally and emotionally. 


Through a yoga practice, we are more capable of survival due to the fact that we have, within us, (an abundance of) tools to 'cope' with life situations. 


I personally found yoga after I lost my Mum to the dredded 'C' bomb (you know that 'incurable' disease that takes all the best people from within arms reach, and turns them into personal guardian angels?)...and without yoga, I just don't know I'd be half the woman I am. Though, were my mushie-frothing-mumma still around, I'd sure have made her proud 😉


Anyway, with a tool like yoga, we learn how to notice when the monkey takes over, and how to bring ourselves gently back to the present moment :- the only thing that is real. And when we are present and real, we get so much more juice out of life. Every moment is this delicious little lolly that explodes in your mouth. Even the nasty stuff that makes your heart break, it too is juicy. Filled with learning, and presence...but when we squish it deep down inside ourselves, refusing to look it in the eyes and name it for the ouchy emotion it is, it creates this yucky feeling of resistance: tension....and noone ever felt better by being tense.


And I honestly am of the thought that as wonderfully emotive as music can be, it serves as a distraction - a point outside of ourselves that we can easily focus our attention on, and thus encourage that downward squishiness of how we truly feel as we move through our asana practice. (Please be reminded that as far as the eight limbs go, asana is the fourth limb - it comes after the yamas+niyamas AND if we are to practice with music, are we perhaps skipping a few key steps in our practice?).


Don't get me wrong, breathing in time with music is inspiring and sometimes the music is the only thing that can still MY internal creative genius 😉 but at the end of the day, I choose yoga. I choose yoga with silence. And I know the two together, make my body a more comfortable place from which to live.


Namaste, and happy Sunday!



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